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Daily 5

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Daily 5 Resources

Great Websites with tons of resources 


elementary teacher resources - daily 5
A Daily 5 wiki

Launching Plan

Multiple plans that give detailed step by step directions on how to begin Daily 5 at the beginning of the year--choose the one that makes the most sense to you!


 Daily_5_&_Cafe_For_Dummies.doc  another way to launch

http://www.austinschools.org/curriculum/la/resources/documents/LA_Daily_5_Implementation_1011.pdf- K-2 Launching Plan


 Daily 3 and Cafe Launch[1].pdf- Daily 3 and CAFE Launch (First 19 days)  Daily 3 is more k-1

 CopyofWriting.docx.pdf- How to launch Work on Writing in Daily 5
 the_first_five_weeks[1][1].doc   First 5 weeks implementation

Mini Lessons:

General reading strategy lessons to be used in Daily 5 or Guided Reading Groups:
 Teach%20CAFE%20books[1]picturebooks.doc- [Daily 5 Resources#|Picture books] to teachDaily 5/CAFE lessons and strategies

 cafe%20strategies%20books[1].xls- Books to help teach CAFE strategies

http://www.readinglady.com/mosaic/tools/tools.htm- mini lesson plans and resources

http://reading.ecb.org/teacher/strategies.html- Into the Book interactive comprehension strategy resource

http://www.the2sisters.com/PDFs/New%203%20box%20Strategy%20Groups.pdf - Strategy group lesson plan[ (Daily 5 Resources)

http://www.mandygregory.com/Mini%20Lessons.htm#Mini Mini-Lesson Links for Reading

http://www.thelearningpad.net/readers_mini_lessons.html- Reading mini lessons on comp. strategies

 Cafe Menu with links to lesson ideas.pdf- lesson plans for each CAFE strategy- Great resource!

http://webs.morton709.org/elementary/RTI%20Final%20Project/Student%20Activity%20docs/Comprehension%20Student%20Activities%204-6.htm#Inferencing- Interactive comprehension activities for several reading strategies

http://www.jmeacham.com/readers.workshop/readers.workshop.mini.lessons.htm- Many comprehension strategy lesson plans


Inferring Mini lessons

http://curriculum.d91.k12.id.us/Curriculum%20Resources/Summer%20School%20Reading/Day%2008%20Making%20Inferences_Drawing%20Conclusions/-Making%20Inferences.pdf- [Daily 5 Resources#] to teach INFERRING and inferring mini lessons

 Mini Lessons.mht
http://www.mandygregory.com/Inferencing_mini_lessons.htm= Inferring mini lessons

 -Making Inferences[1].pdf- Inferring mini lessons and books to support them
 inferring%20card%20game[1].doc-Inferring card game

http://www.mandygregory.com/Inferencing_mini_lessons.htm- Inferring unit
 -Making Inferences[1].pdf- Inferring mini lessons and books to teach them

 Inferring%20lesson%20plan-grade%203%20from%20Elouise[1].doc Inferring mini lessons

 inferpoetry1[1].doc  Inferring mini lesson using poetry

 Inferring Poems.doc-poems with clues to infer, "What am I?"

http://www.philtulga.com/Riddles.html- Interactive website to practice inferring using riddles



Picture Books for teaching mini lessons:

 Picture_Books_to_Teach_Reading1111[1].doc- picturebooks to teach mini lessons
 picture-booksteachingstrategies.pdf-picture books to teach comprehension strategies

 Wiki-Picture_Books_to_Teach_Reading[1].doc- picture books that MNW library has are in bold

http://classroom.jc-schools.net/read/picture-books.pdf- picture books to teach strategies

http://tech.bcschools.net/bcps/Curriculum/ENGLISH%20LANGUAGE%20ARTS/ela/Content%20Curriculum/Reading/Comprehension%20Strategies/Picture%20books%20for%20comprehension.pdf- picture books to teach comprehension strategies

http://atn-reading-lists.wikispaces.com/Focused+Reading+Skills picture books to teach strategies
 traitscompcorrelation4website.xls-picture books to teach comp. strategies and 6 Traits


 comp.strategybooklist.pdf large list of books to use with all comp. strategies

CAFE Menus for specific grade levels with COMMON CORE CORRELATIONS:

 CAFE Menu 1st grade pdf Common Core.pdf- 1st grade CAFE menu

 K_Grade.CAFE_MenuCommonCore.doc Kindergarten CAFE menu

 1st_Grade_Emergent_CAFE_Menu.doc 1st grade emergent CAFE menu

 Grade_1st_CAFE_Menu.doc 1st grade CAFE menu

Comprehension Cards based on Bloom's Taxonomy:

 Blooms cards for rings.pdf

http://theliterarylink.com/bloom_questions.html- Bloom's questions to put on colored sticks based on level


Word Work/Reading Center Ideas

 Beginning Sounds[1].pdf- Using clothespins to identify beginning sounds(K-1)

http://simply2ndresources.blogspot.com/2011/07/spelling-hopscotch.html- Spelling Hopscoth (Gross motor)
http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Games/mag/abc.html- Click and drag online
http://www.youthhavenkids.com/magna-doodle- Online Magna Doodle
http://www.abcya.com/kindergarten_computers.htm- Kind. and 1st grade reading/letter games
http://www.filthwizardry.com/2010/07/diy-spinny-spellers-and-repurposing.html- Word practice using lego blocks!

Charts, Posters, Headers, bookmarks:

 Daily_5_Charts[1].doc I_PICK_shoes[1] shoes.pdf I Pick poster-polka.pdfh D5 kid icon posters.pdf
 daily_5_log.pdf The Daily 5 (Three Ways to Read a Book Sign).pdf ways to read to someone2[1].pdf

 icharts.pdf causeandeffectminilesson.doc EEKK.pdf I Pick Just Right Books.pdf


 dr%20seuss%20cafe%20headers[1].pdf- Dr. Seuss CAFE headers

 daily 5 anchor charts[1].txt

http://tonyastreats4teachers.weebly.com/uploads/4/5/1/6/4516876/daily_5_choice_labels.pdf- Daily 5 FROG headers

http://tonyastreats4teachers.weebly.com/uploads/4/5/1/6/4516876/daily_5_board_heading.pdf- More FROG themed Daily 5


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