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Common Core

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Terminology    StandardsTerminology.doc     


Common Core ELA grade 3 to print    ccsse3doc.doc

NC Standard Course of Study: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/curriculum/languagearts/elementary/elagrade3  

Grade 3 Crosswalks: Explains transition from previous standard course of study to New Essential Standards!   http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/acre/standards/common-core-tools/crosswalks/english/grade3.pdf 



The Complete ELA Standards- an explanatory introduction of how to read and use the standards.

  • Appendix A and recommendations supporting each strand of the CCSS (including a glossary of key terms) 
     including clarifying information, a bibliography, and glossary;
  • Appendix B Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Task[note: this is a large document - 183 pages]
  • Appendix C of Student Writing with Annotations Samples of student writing exemplars



Check List for year long CCSS planning https://sites.google.com/a/kcs.k12.nc.us/kcs-curriculum-instruction/CommonCore/ela-common-core-resources




 Sample Performance Tasks

The text exemplars included in Appendix B are supplemented by brief performance tasks that further clarify the meaning of the Standards. These sample tasks illustrate specifically the application of the Standards to texts of sufficient complexity, quality, and range.


**Click here to download a printable version of the Sample Performance Tasks (PDF)

ccss_sample_stories_042811.pdf  Literature Performance Tasks List

ccss_sample_informational_042211.pdf  Informational Performance Task List




Math and Science 



General CCSS Resources 



  • Book Marks for quick reference to common core standards  (all grade levels)

           Bookmark Common Core Reading Standards- Informational Text K-5
           Bookmark Common Core Reading Standards- Literature K-5
           Bookmark Common Core Reading Standards-Foundational Skills K-5
           Bookmark Common Core Reading Standards - Speaking and Listening.pdf
           Bookmark Common Core Reading Standards- Language Standards K-5

           Bookmark - Common Core Writing Stds K-5



Common Core Publisher Requirements for 3-5 Textbooks 




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